General Information
Series Markiplier youtube series
Type Human
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Video game professional
Equipment Webcam, computer
Ranking #1 Favorite Youtuber
Markiplier is a famous youtuber and real life person with over one million subscribers. He ranks #1 on ZeoSpark's Favorite Youtubers List.


Markiplier is a grown man that is known for his random personality and various of alter egos.


Markiplier is very skilled in video games specializng in the horror indy games where he has hundreds of video playthroughs of them (with the longest being SCP Contaiment Breach). Markipler is also skilled in animation has he created videos with cartoon version of himself as a bit of a review on some of his past playthroughs (with the most notable one being the Five Nights at Freddy's series).

ZeoSpark's Nicknames for this Character

  • Mark
  • Pink Hair
  • Mr. Plier
  • Plier-driver


  • Originally, PewDiePie used to be ZeoSpark's favorite Youtuber. However, after watching a lot of Markiplier's videos, Zeo found Markiplier much more mature and a better gamer than PewDiePie thus Markiplier taking the top spot.